Cycle of Life !

The tree was like a BIG Daddy.

Today, he was reflecting back on the beginning of the journey. Spring had come with new and tender leaflets. Warm weather and longer days in summer aided to their full growth. He was so proud of green and healthy leaves. Each and every leaf was dear to him. But, the leaves started falling sick. Their color turned yellow. Fall came and took away whatever was left hanging. The leaves finally departed and formed a part of the soil. The tree tried to reach out to them, with its roots. He wanted to extend his support, to the leaves; he so lovingly had taken care of. But, the leaves continued decaying. Winter was coming and the tree would be fully bare and lonely. He would miss the chatter from young leaves.

But, he was not sad. He was happy. Though there were tears in his old eyes, yet he had a smile on the face. The tears were for the dear departed leaves and smile was in anticipation of arrival of spring. The cycle would begin. The new leaves would soon join him. His heart was filled with joy, on visualizing himself once again surrounded by the green.  The birds would again come to play with him, to tell him the secrets about the far-away land. The lands, he could never go. Not that he actually wished to go. He loved the soil too much. For that was his home. It had provided him the nutrition and taken care of all his needs. He was content to just hear about the other parts of the world.

What we as humans face, is no different. Even our lives are dominated by presence of specific things, events or even people. We often tend to develop an emotional attachment to various things or events. We carefully nurture relationships, giving in a lot. We make a lot of compromises for a few happy moments. But, there comes a time, when either/all of this, can no longer be a part of our life. It is at the moments like this, that we need to stop and reflect.

Was the past, so important that we spoil our present and future for it? Happiness, success, sorrows and failure is like a cycle. When, we have one in our life, the other is just standing in the wings, waiting for its turn.

Foolish is the man who gets arrogant in the moment of success & is crestfallen during failure.A wise person realizes that both of the situations are nothing but, temporary.


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