The literacy of the Illiterate

An evening out with friends, is something we all love doing! Recently, I was out with friends, at the Soda shop near Vijay X roads. We had ordered our drinks and were waiting for it to be served. Meeting after a long time, we were in full mood for masti. Teasing and then running after each other, had just begun.
As the drinks were being served, there came a ragged boy. He stood nearby and observed us for a while. Then he came forward and simply said, Mujhe bhi pina h, ek mujhe bhi de do...” I turned to look at him and saw a silent pleading in his eyes. He desperately wanted to have a Soda.
Though I am not the one to encourage kids to beg, something about him stirred me from inside. And, I bought him a glass of Soda. He looked up greatfully, and ran off with the glass. I observed him, only to find that he had taken the glass to his family, comprising of his mother and a younger brother. With great love and affection,  he gave the first sip to his brother. Only after seeing the smile on his brother’s face, he tasted it himself.  He even asked his brother to fetch an empty glass (which was lying near the dustbin) and divided the Soda into halves.
This was the level of compassion I observed, in people whom we generally disregard as Illiterate and rowdy. He had no formal training or schooling. He didn’t have any teacher explaining the importance of training, yet he qualified..
Although the soda was consumed by the family of the boy, the bubbles that rose up, made me rise. They made the lesson I learnt from the kids rise to a new level. It proves that
“Love, needs no schooling.”
Its a feeling inside and all we need is a bit of consciousness.

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