Parting Notes – Graduates Now..

When I woke up today these lines from “The Road not taken” by Robert Frost came to my mind-

“Yet knowing how way leads on to way
I doubted if I should ever come back.”

Often, we get so used to some things; we begin to think they shall always be there. We take their presence for granted. But, one fine day, this seemingly permanent thing simply walks out of our life. And with tears in our eyes, we bid them goodbye!

We meet a lot of people on daily basis. They form our list of acquaintances. With increased instances of interactions and ‘chance meetings’, some of them turn into friends. Out of this group of friends, only select individuals come really close to us! These are the ones; we share our secrets with, our sorrows and moments of happiness. These are the ones, who were there with us, while we were indulged in all those crazy things!

Farewell night yesterday, reminds me that all good things come to an end. So, at last, all we are left with is memories. These memories are loyal, and they never leave our side. They give us hope, to look forward to the future, but at the same time, keep us tied to the past.

Today, as I stand on the departure point from my college life, I take a moment to look back and visualize the wonderful memories. Starting from bunking lectures to ‘enjoy the campus’, time spent at JBs, organizing event and participation in other events, all now seem a part of other life. College was like a second home to me. While for others the college hours ended at 11:30, for me the time continued till late in the evening. As the realization of college life coming to an end, sinks in tears flow down. But, it is the end, which serves as a new beginning.

We are stepping into our professional life. This is the CAREER MODE. I wish that, all that you undertake, turns out to be a great success. And, even if it does not, just move ahead, because many more opportunities are waiting for you. Needless to mention, my support is always there for you. Whenever you need me, just turn around, and I will be there, happy in your moments of joy and sad in your sorrows. Every day, I pray that ‘Our friendship stays like this forever and for ever”

On a parting note, I will say that each one of us is like a star. We have huge potential to shine out and be the SUN.  But, this potential is hidden. So, go ahead and explore this potential. And let me assure you,

“WE are gonna ROCK!”


Cycle of Life !

The tree was like a BIG Daddy.

Today, he was reflecting back on the beginning of the journey. Spring had come with new and tender leaflets. Warm weather and longer days in summer aided to their full growth. He was so proud of green and healthy leaves. Each and every leaf was dear to him. But, the leaves started falling sick. Their color turned yellow. Fall came and took away whatever was left hanging. The leaves finally departed and formed a part of the soil. The tree tried to reach out to them, with its roots. He wanted to extend his support, to the leaves; he so lovingly had taken care of. But, the leaves continued decaying. Winter was coming and the tree would be fully bare and lonely. He would miss the chatter from young leaves.

But, he was not sad. He was happy. Though there were tears in his old eyes, yet he had a smile on the face. The tears were for the dear departed leaves and smile was in anticipation of arrival of spring. The cycle would begin. The new leaves would soon join him. His heart was filled with joy, on visualizing himself once again surrounded by the green.  The birds would again come to play with him, to tell him the secrets about the far-away land. The lands, he could never go. Not that he actually wished to go. He loved the soil too much. For that was his home. It had provided him the nutrition and taken care of all his needs. He was content to just hear about the other parts of the world.

What we as humans face, is no different. Even our lives are dominated by presence of specific things, events or even people. We often tend to develop an emotional attachment to various things or events. We carefully nurture relationships, giving in a lot. We make a lot of compromises for a few happy moments. But, there comes a time, when either/all of this, can no longer be a part of our life. It is at the moments like this, that we need to stop and reflect.

Was the past, so important that we spoil our present and future for it? Happiness, success, sorrows and failure is like a cycle. When, we have one in our life, the other is just standing in the wings, waiting for its turn.

Foolish is the man who gets arrogant in the moment of success & is crestfallen during failure.A wise person realizes that both of the situations are nothing but, temporary.


"Dosti me No Sorry, No Thank You !"

Sometimes, thanks is a mere formality. It is just a word, like any other, used to demonstrate politeness. But, at times, Its a heart felt expression. A medium to express the Gratitude you feel for a person, not because of what they did for you, but for simply being there. Its an expression that conveys the feeling of happiness and content from a heart filled with joy, to the heart of the contributor of that joy. Its comes alive. Its not longer just a formality, but comes out from deep inside.

Complaints don’t change the world, actions do.

Be the Change you want to see- Mahatma Gandhi

On the occasion of Republic day, I was watching a movie which showcased the life of the legend, Bhagat Singh. The movie did inspire a surge of patriotic emotions, but left me with a few questions.

In order to satisfy their need for unlimited power and wealth, East India Company ruled over a country like India for over 200 years. This greed has since then, been established as one of the most prominent vice in humans. When our freedom fighters (like, Bhagat Singh) tried to protest against this, they were sentenced to ‘be hanged till death’.

For me it was a reminder of, how mankind has changed over generations. I remember listening stories about King Solomon, who had the ability to understand all living beings. One of my favorites when while travelling; he takes care, not to trample on the ants. He is concerned about all creatures and understands the importance of each and every creature in maintaining the ecological balance.

On the other hand, today, we have people ready to take lives for a mere sum of money. Some NGOs working for humanitarian causes establish that in under-developed states, you can get someone murdered for Rs. 800. Imagine that! A human life is worth just Rs. 800? No wonder, the world is less safe now than before.

We need to reflect upon what kind of what kind of world, we want our children to inherit? Is it a place, where one has to constantly look over the shoulder and see if someone is following us, where every moment is spent, thinking about how to prevent others from harming us, or formulating strategies to manipulate someone to our advantage?

Maybe, it’s the time we change ourselves. We start by being sensitive about happenings around us. Adopting a positive attitude and a cheerful smile can help us face and solve many problems of life. When Bhagat Singh can accept death with a smile on his face and content in his heart, why can’t we do the same for everyday problems? I do agree that the change can’t come overnight, and with just a few of us taking a step. But it’s a beginning. There is a long way to go, but the first step is what counts the most.

As Lao Tzu said,

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.”