Time to say Goodbye

Bidding Farewell – Goodbye HLIC !

Three years back, I entered the college gates for the first time, to seek admission. I was in a dilemma, whether to pursue my graduation from HLIC or not. With guidance of Abhishek Sir and Parag Sir, I was finally able to answer the BIG question, and I am both glad and proud of my decision.

I remember myself as a quite person, keeping to myself most of the time. The beautiful journey began with a wonderful first day, and I was late. I was under an impression that since, my home was next door, I could simply walk in any time. Trying to hide the anxiety, we all went to our respective classes. A short briefing was followed by ice creams and the day was over. We made some introductions in hopes of making new friends.

That was the first day, as I remember it. And today, the last day of college greets us. Time flew with wings and the passage of three years passed, even before we could realize. Yet, the changes these years have brought in me, in my mindset and knowledge level have been tremendous. It is today, when I look back, that I realize why it is said that college days are the best part of our lives. We spent 12 long years at school, but still the kind of bonding we have in college today, is missing there.

Attendance in lectures (with special emphasis on proxies), the last-minute project presentations and cramming a day before exams now form a part of beautiful memories. We learnt a lot, both in the class and even more, outside it. I also met few people, whose friendship I shall cherish for lifetime. The support from the admin staff (especially office and library staff) has also been a crucial part of this journey.

In a few days, I am shifting to Mumbai, to embrace new opportunities there. So, through the medium of this message, I would like to thank all, who helped me, guided me and supported me on this path. Without you, life would have still been there, but it would not be as good or as interesting as it is today!

As they say-

“It is always the end, which makes us realize how beautiful the beginning and journey was”

Will Miss You..